Ghosts (Volume 1)

by mc∆t

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A collection of raps to beats I've produced.
Dealing with shit, this is how I'm doing it.

~~ GHOSTS ~~

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Q = mcDELTAt


released January 7, 2017



all rights reserved


mc∆t California

i make beats i guess

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Track Name: Ghosts
There are ghosts in my head,
From all the people dead to me
I’ve probably asked them please,
To stop bothering me, endlessly

But I can’t complain,
This quiet pain, isn’t their fault
Just a silly little game my brain
Likes to play,
My thoughts decay,
And display, a resume,
Of the mistakes I’ve made

Fuck this shit,
I’m tired of it,
I’ll grab my bags, out lickety split,
But as luck would have it,
My baggage won’t fit,
Because its MYSELF I’m trying to quit on

I can’t believe I haven’t found a way yet to cope,
That absolutely properly satisfies all of my ghosts,

I’m telling you
I don’t know what to do,
Hopefully by volume two,
I’ll have chewed through,
What I’ve bitten into,
I’ll get a clue, I’ve been askew,
And misconstrued,
Subdued, and imbued with
Emptiness, I can conclude:

I’ve got bad voodoo, motherfucker
Mc delta T = Q

Shoo ghost, don’t bother me,
They’ve been haunting and taunting,
So just can’t you see,
I’m trying to cope with this ghosts,
But I ain’t Bill Murray
Or maybe I am,
Because everyday’s the same,
Oscillate between pleasure and pain,
Learning my sickness is just a game,
Like groundhog’s day, I pay
Attention and sway my way through the dismay
My life portrays, but I can’t contain these thoughts So I say,
through my music I cope this way,
As I hope to convey,
My feelings I display,
Once bottled up, and opaque
now transparent and x-ray,
So with no delay:

I present to you,
the unfiltered and bitter
Withered bewilderer,
in my mind: A carnival for the unkind
I decline to confine,
My rhymes to a certain line,
Fuck that censored bullshit,
I’ll resign before you bind
Me to a certain design,
One that’s refined,
Streamlined and outlined,
I reject that fucking style,
These words have to be MINE
To cope with these ghosts
I feel I’m inclined to define:

Ghost (noun):
One: once alive, but now erased
Two: a mere shadow or trace
Three: A remote possibility I chase

What’s in store
for you, If I score,
and leave sores
I’m a whore out the door

I feel alive
when I feed on you and shrive
A parasite that thrives

I get my fix,
Emotional politics
My fucking bag of tricks

Hell and heaven,
Believe in neither,
So I’m spitting venom and guessing

You can relate,
We’re all dark inside,
Love’s harder than hate

I pine to dine on the rind of your peeled back mind,
After I entwine around your decline

I’ll just pretend
Which goes against,
All I’ve said,
But it’s the end,
And I’d recommend
Dont fucking bend
Backward or forward for any ya friends,
Or lovers and enemies, just try to ascend,
Past your ghosts, dont let them choke
All your words right out of your throat
If we can find a way to cope,
I fucking hope it doesn’t soak
Blood into our coats
But for now I’ll keep afloat
With all these notes mingled with these words that I wrote
Track Name: Misery
I- Cant remember how to sleep, all these people counting sheep,
But im like, fuck this insomnia, dont bother yah,
So I let the tea bag steep,
In my heart- no my mind,
I’m reluctant to find
A better way for myself, fucking decide to resign,
Sucker built by design, fuck her; guilty cause I,
Know I can do better, so god damnit why,

Am I sitting here, writing this rap?
If I could shit fear I’d be covered in crap,
If I could steer clear of all of these traps,
Setting down cards but nothing to tap,

Mana screwed myself over again,
Self pity, depression: reliable friends
Here I go fucking denying again,
I’m the source of my problems, but I dont know when:

I should change my habits,
I be causing too much havoc,
Procrastinating, masturbating,
Like baby lets just fuck like rabbits.

Like I could really give a fuck,
So good luck, I’m so subtly fucked up,
Rapping bout my mental state,
As if anyone really cares...

And what do I have to complain about?
White kid, privileged to an insane amount
But nothing amounts to anything,
If everything is so damn blistering,
Burning my head like listerine,
Depression is just a damn mystery,
This medicine could just be trickery
Because I’m still floating in misery.

My best friend wants to die,
And so do I, so how damn serpentine
Can this really be? To have such a grasp, just set us free.
The snake in the tree, adam and eve,
Except fuck religion, it's not knowledge that be trippin
Us up, it's our own fucked up, mental shut
downs , ups and around the empty ghost town
All the sad clowns and hollow frowns,
Lifeless mounds, invisible gowns
The crowned melancholy king drowns in his castle
And everything bad in my life is his vassal
They rattle and straddle me up I’m in shackles,
Forcing my wheels right off of their axle,
Making it a hassle just to go and pass through

This Kingdom come, this kingdom went,
I’ve just begun, yet I’ve already spent
This precious time, on Earth we live
Wasting my time, but is it really live -ing If youre
empty inside all these lies that I hide
about how I feel and bout why I decide to
Fuck other women, leave lovers behind
Something good in my life, I reject it cause I

Want you to hurt me, desert me,
Assert me, True or false? You dont deserve me,
Fucking you over again,
Have you came yet? No, so just pretend.
Sadly we already bubbled in,
All the wrong answers, it's past us,
Dead and no head romancers,
Resurrection would be nice but
We aint necromancers.

I'm a good person (False)
I'm still doing alright (False)
It’ll get better (False)
I really hate myself (True)
Track Name: A Fuckin' Lullaby
This feeling, like a kick in the gut,
Is visceral, god damn I miss you so
Much. Ambiguous, I disfigure us.
Such and such, can’t get this out of my head,
Too much too much, layin’ round like im dead
Your touch your touch, just null instead
My crutch my crutch, I’ve probably said how I

Need to be validated, burn me up
And cremated, get it, push it,
Set it down, fucking granulated.
With your fire, I desire you.
But with my fire, I’ve burned my bridges to
Any hope of me and you

It’s been 2 years since we
Really been together we
Had that fling last year but see
That made things so much harder and we
Still talk on the phone late at night
but it’s alright,
I guess. I confess.
Thoughts of you still bring me to tears,
I just wait for the year,
That I finally hear, your name, and think nothing.
As if I could be that sane
That’ll never happen.

I still can't fucking tell if it's you that I miss,
But I’ve been searching the abyss for your shadow and likeness,
So dismissed, when I persist,
But in good conscience,
Because it's hard for us to coexist

I still can't fucking tell if it's you that I miss,
But I’ve been searching the abyss for your shadow and likeness,
I can't resist but reminisce,
Because my memories consist
Of a place where we still actually exist.
Track Name: Can I Get a Little Bit?
Say you’ll never leave me,
But you never see me,
So how could you really be,
Telling the truth,
I’m telling the hurt,
We’re going back ‘n forth,
Eating just my just desserts,
But just to be sure,
Im looking- for
My sore eyes,
soaring through cloudy skies,
Outside everything, it seems so nice,
Inside here is where we’re not right,
So we fight, as we try to decide
How to reconcile all our feelings, we’re docile,
so we peeling at the edges of our skin and all the while,
Our hearts are beating black blood,
black from the lonely thud,
Of pumping this liquid with no love,
Is this really what,
We want to do?

Is this really me and you?

[Chorus - Repeat Twice]
Can I get a little bit,
Can I get a little bit,
Can I get a little bit better,
Fuck me, I upset her,
Fuck her now, got her wetter
Can I change a little bit,
So I can just let her,

Get a little bit,
Can she get a little bit,
Can she get a little bit of happiness,
God damn it, I’m so sappy when,
I write raps about making amends-
[End chorus]

But that’s alright,
We all got our demons during the night,
And I can’t pretend I can win this fight,
All I can do right now is
chill real tight.
Like out of life, out of sight, so out of mind.

God fucking damnit…

So im not asking for forgiveness,
Im just trying to confess my sins,
To any fucker who’ll listen in,
So are you listening?

Of course you are, -no you're just hearing me from afar,
Missing you like surfing missingno cinnabar,
I still cannot even fucking drive my own car,
So I’ll wait here like, “Fuck it, I got this far”

So I’ll ask:

Track Name: Groovy Mutation
Can you feel that beat,
That’s specific heat, here to greet-cha,
Q equals MC “DELTA” T, pleasure to meetcha.

What a stupid fucking intro, I admit,
I should quit…
PSYCH, thats the wrong number
call yah mother, she the plumber
Come to fix my pipes, so fucking hyped,
She gets to unclog, and gripe,
Playful dialogue, and eye
Swish twist splash and a little spit,
And now I’m cumming on her tits

If you’re confused, you should choose to command it,
Dont worry I don’t even fucking understand it,
Either, now I'm just writing to write shit,
And take my mind off of all that dumb shit,

Yeah I know those rhymes were subpar,
So Bizarrely disbar me from the
League of Evil exes, and wayside rappers,
Night cappers, and break backers,
pimple backed hackers, affluent slackers.
The wackiest tackiest, snack shack in Alaska.

Was that good enough?
Am I cool enough?
Made myself a fool enough?
But baby I got you handcuffed
to this beat:
Let's have our kinky sex and throw away the sheets

If you’re confused, you should choose to command it,
Dont worry I don’t even fucking understand it,
Either, now I'm just writing to write shit,
And take my mind off of all that dumb shit,
My eyes on the prize and my music and your tits,
And playing it safe is just too fucking boring,
Take risks every day, so I got you adoring,
My dick in your mouth, overflowing it's pouring.

Suck my own dick, and calling me gay,
Well I only got two things left to say,
Thats another thing I can do,
much better than you,
And with a dick this good,
I’d bet you’d suck it too.

So now under my computation,
The whole fucking world can be my own creation,
So listen to my smooth flow dictation, my excessive flirtation,
This groovy mutation
Track Name: God Hole
It’s ridiculous I get this pissed,
If I’m Dr. Pepper, he’s Sierra Mist
I just need your body to assist
This image of myself,
Fuck me for my mental health,
Filling up my god hole,
It's too funny, but sad, like it's always sunny I’m glad,
You’ll end up right here see ,
make you scream like you fear me,
That's when you just ride see
-ing, my cock slide in slowly just to tease,
But then faster so I can please, but really I just want release
So my god hole can be at ease, bitch.

I got something else to say,
I fucking hate how I feel this way,
But you got my dick throbbing,
That’s why they call you Robin,
Cause you be stealing all my blood flow,
Slobbery bobbin make me poppin,
Holding your head down,
So you can suck it up,
Clearing my head now,
Running out of luck it sucks,
Singing my head sound,
Just to shut it out, enough
Blowing my head round
I know I’ve fucked this up

Fillin up my god hole,
[Filling up my god hole, gotta satisfy the demons]
Now I’m spilling my real soul,
[And I’m spilling my real soul, to cleanse this fucking feeling]
So now I’m letting it all go,
[And I’m letting it all go,so I can do some inner healing,]
Fuckin’ just to feel whole
[But I’m Fuckin’ just to feel whole, ‘cause my heart can’t stop this peeling]

But instead, you’re fucking one of my best friends,
I try to pretend, to no end, that i’m not even offended,
All I did was cheat on you, cause sex I depend on it,
I won't defend it, I’m a fucking whore-rendous boyfriend,
To every girl I apprehend with my charm
I can’t comprehend how I can make it this far,
I’m a dead end loser, expendable, non-dependable,
Let me extend your view, show you that this ain’t so bizarre.
Let me tend to those scars, by dropping these bars going:

Im flawed, should be declawed,
Can’t satiate my god hole with god
Or sex, I’m a fraud at best,
I applaud that you’d deal with this mess
A cephalopod, dressed to impress,
Just to undress you,
All eight arms coming down to depress you
Obsessed with you, but I possess our stress through
And through, nevertheless I caress you

Face to the ground and ass to the sky or
Dick to the mouth or nails to the thigh,
Don’t know to the why,
Confined to the mind,
Resigned to decline,
I’ll shut my rhymes - down.
Hear that sound?
Turn around,
And hear it hound, thumping and pound:
Mental breakdown

Track Name: Truthfully
With all honesty, I’m lost at sea,
Half of these words probably
don’t even fucking represent me,
Anymore, will I ever find shore?
Staring at the door, that stares back,
Ghosts slither out of the cracks,
keeping that door locked
Gives feeble fuckers heart attacks
And goblins and ghouls easy snacks,
And truthfully
that’s me,
I’m not ready,
To face the facts,
To face myself,
To sign contracts,
And define myself, yeah

I constantly obsess,
Over fuckups I posses,
But I’m not a balance,
So why do I keep putting stress and weight
On my own fucking plate,
I make it harder for myself to actuate
My dreams, ambitions, hopes, desires,
But I never tire, from setting fire to everything I admire,

So I gotta get higher,
Low flyer needs to soar to acquire,
But first sores transpire,
The angel and devil conspire,
To cut the head and retire,
They’re done, leave me to be the rectifier,
Caught and cut between the two sires,
Of all my shitty decisions, stuck in this quagmire.

And truthfully
that’s me,
I’m not ready,
To face the facts,
To face myself,
To sign contracts,
And define myself, yeah